Content Marketing

 Telling your good brand story…

Branded content – content that speaks to the features and benefits of your product or service – is nothing new. What is new is its rising popularity as a marketing tool. Companies are recognizing that today’s consumers rely less on traditional advertising and more on information to make purchasing decisions. They’re looking for content that answers their questions, solves their problems and focuses on their needs – not those of the corporation.

This takes “pathologically empathetic writing”, as Ann Handley writes in her book Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content. 

Pathological empathy for the audience is a key ingredient of this Anne’s (with an “e”) content marketing writing.  By combining storytelling, journalism and corporate communications skills, I can help you build brand awareness through compelling and “empathetic” customer centric content that informs, inspires and helps turn readers into customers or clients. Please contact me to learn more about how I can support your content marketing efforts.

Recent samples

For the past 2 years I’ve been writing posts for Tangerine’s Forward Thinking blog – a personal finance blog covering topics of saving, investing and good money management.


Save by Taking Advantage of Seniors’ Discounts – Even if You’re Under 65 (April 2018)

This 22-Year Old University Student Wrote a Personal Finance Book (November 2017)

Is Your Money Mindset Working for You or Against You? (July 2017)

Should I Join a Money Club? (May 2017)

How People in Their Twenties Can Build a Good Credit History (February 2017)

Starting Over at 56 (December 2016)

If I Were 20-Something Today – Spending Lessons From a Baby Boomer Nearing Retirement (November 2016)

Why It’s Important to Talk About Money with Friends (October 2016)

How to Build a Resilient Investment Portfolio (August 2016)

Professional Investors Are Moving to Cash. Does That Mean You Should Too? (June 2016)

Keeping Your Credit Card Safe (January 2016)


Through Mediaplanet, I write sponsored content in the areas of health care, financial tech (fintech) and innovation.


Health Care

Restoring Function to People with Neurological Disorders (April 2018)

People with Epilepsy Enjoying Freedom from Seizures (April 2018)

Help and Hope for People with Brain Injuries (April 2018)

The New Standard of Care in Breast Cancer Screening (Maclean’s supplement, April 2018)

Patient Support Programs: Improving Health Care Access for Patients with Rare Diseases (December 2017)

New Flu Vaccine More Effective in Protecting Elderly (December 2017)

Improving Access to Innovative Drugs for Canadians with Obesity (December 2017)

Cancer-Associated Thrombosis: A Critical Gap in Cancer Care (Maclean’s supplement, September 2017)

Is Your Pet in Pain (June 2017)

Financial Services/Fintech

Thinking Capital – Dedicated to Helping Small Businesses Grow (September 2017)

Dream Payments is Dream Come True for Canadian Businesses (June 2017)


Why Mentorship Matters to Your Career (March 2018)


Social Innovation Needs You, and You, and You (June 2017)

How a Circus Act is Transforming the Corporate Retreat Experience (June 2017)