Need a freelance writer to help you with 

  • content marketing?

  • copywriting?

  • proposals?

Then you’re in the right place. My name is Anne Papmehl and I’m a freelance writer based in London, Ontario, Canada. I help clients with all of the above and more.

Simply put, I’m a writer who can write for the timesthe times when you need to sound friendly and engaging or the times when when you need to be technical and authoritative.

If these sound like polar opposite writing styles, you’re right. I thrive on working in both the creative and technical spheres – though not necessarily at the same time! Strangely enough, my report, technical writing and journalism skills help to lend credibility to my content marketing and copywriting, while my storytelling and creative skills aid with adding colour and interest to my report and proposal writing.

I write in diverse media and formats – print, digital, newspaper, magazine, article, blog, brochure, report and technical proposal. As for topics, I can write about virtually anything, but I do have some niches like health care, finance, engineering, HR, and entrepreneurship.

My clients include:

  • private and public sector organizations
  • PR and marketing agencies
  • consultancies
  • non-profits

Please contact me to learn more about how I can help with you.

ecostrat ... the name

People often ask me about my company name. "Eco" refers to both "economy" and "ecology". This reflects
my personal belief that a prosperous economy and healthy, sustainable ecological systems go hand in hand - 
as opposed to one at the expense of the other. The "strat" stands for strategic, as in aligning with the strategic
communications goals of my clients. Or to put it in a more linear way:


I started in a niche area - environmental sustainability communications - something I still do. But over the years, 
I've gone on to develop a broader suite of topics like finance, healthcare, engineering and HR. Since sustainability 
intersects with many of them, I've opted to keep the name. Plus, I can't be bothered to change it!