Here’s some information on my freelance writing services.

Content Writing 

Content Marketing

Shrewd businesses realize that customers and prospects value content that answers their questions, solves their problems, and focuses on their needs. That’s why content marketing is a key part of their communications strategy. By combining storytelling, journalism, and research skills, I produce informative and engaging content marketing that positions your product or service as the solution your customers are looking for.


Copywriting is another one of my content writing services. I write clear, concise, and persuasive copy that captures your brand voice and attract customers and prospects. Here are some of the things I can help you with: 

  • Website copy
  • Newsletters
  • Email campaigns
  • Blog and social media posts
  • Tag lines …. and more

Case Studies

Let me help you showcase your product’s, service’s, or organization’s success through my case study writing services.

Technical Writing

Your bottom line depends on your ability to generate more business. For many business owners, this means responding to formal bid solicitations or writing business proposals. But as a busy professional, you may not have the time or the in-house expertise for these activities.

With more than 15 years of writing, editing, and preparing some of the most complex technical Request for Proposal (RFP) responses imaginable, I have the know-how, process, and skill to help your submission score a high ranking. Plus, I can make life much easier for you and your team. Whether managing the entire submission, writing specific sections, or simply offering strategic advice, I can do any or all of that for you.

Research Consulting

Yes, I’m a writer, but I’m also a research consultant – and my specialty is qualitative research. Qualitative research can be a very valuable tool in determining how well our communications are resonating (or not) with various audiences. I can design and manage an entire research project (from research design to final report) or help you with one or more of the following tasks:

  • Research design
  • Primary research through in-depth one-on-one research interviews with key stakeholders
  • Secondary research through academic, grey literature, popular press, business publications and online publications
  • Support in research design, questionnaire development, and interview transcription
  • Report writing, editing, and proof reading

Please contact me to learn more about how my freelance writing services can support your content writing, technical writing, or research consulting  needs.