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The following are from Tangerine’s Forward Thinking blog – a personal finance blog covering topics of saving, investing and good money management.

Tips from a Retiree Travelling the World (August 2022)

How to Build a Good Credit History as a Student (September 2021)

Converting Your RSP to a RIF at 71 (July 2021)

How to Manage Your Spending After Isolation (June 2020)

How to Show Your Money Some Love (February 2020 – Infographic)

Supplementing Retirement Income With a Side Hustle (January 2020)

Saving for Retirement Without a Pension (October 2019)

Credit Card Protection Tips (June 2019)

Why I’m Investing in GICs for the First Time in 30 Years (May 2019)

What Extremely Frugal People Can Teach Us About Saving (February 2019)

Why I’m Filing My Taxes Early This Year (January 2019)

First Steps to Take to Reduce Your Debts (January 2019)

Options for Planning Your Own Funeral (January 2019)

Why It’s Important to Pay Your Bills on Time (October 2018)

Is Donating to Charity Part of Your Financial Plan? (September 2018)

Is it Worth It to Buy Pet Insurance (July 2018)

How to Explain Investing to Kids (June 2018)

How an Allowance Can Teach Your Kids About Money (May 2018)

Save by Taking Advantage of Seniors’ Discounts – Even if You’re Under 65 (April 2018)

How People in Their Twenties Can Build a Good Credit History (February 2017)

Through Mediaplanet, I write sponsored content in the areas of health care, finance (including fintech), science and technology, innovation, careers, entrepreneurship and more.


Small Gains Make a Big Difference for Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients (Toronto Star, November 2022)

Optimizing Therapies Help People with COPD Breathe Longer and Better (Toronto Star, November 2022)

Travel Safely by Making Sure You Have the Necessary Vaccines (Toronto Star, December 2022)

Education and Support Critical to Living Well with Chronic Kidney Disease (Toronto Star, September 2022)

Support and Effective Treatment Options for People with Atopic Dermatitis (Toronto Star, September 2022)

Why Timely Access to Care is Essential to Prevent Vision Loss (Toronto Star, September 2022)

Continued Lack of Treatment for Adults with SMA is Causing Hardship (Toronto Star, September 2022)

Michener Institute Advancing Healthcare Planning for Professions of the Future (Toronto Star, June 2022)

Spectrum Health Care Supporting Seniors at All Stages of Transition (Toronto Star, June 2022)

With Proper Planning and Preparation, You Can Enjoy a Healthy Trip Abroad (Toronto Star, April 2022)

With a Good Care Plan in Place, Children With Epilepsy Are Unstoppable (Toronto Star, March 2022)

How Kids Can Benefit From Kid-Friendly Paediatric Formulations (Toronto Star, March 2022)

New Father Battles Rare Disease While Waiting For Treatment Access (Maclean’s, February 2022)

How New Treatment for gMG is Changing Ghassan Akl’s Quality of Life (Maclean’s, February 2022)

Why It’s Important to Recognize Signs of Rare Blood Disease (Maclean’s, February 2022)

Enjoy a Safe Return to Travel by Taking These Precautions (Toronto Star, November 2021)

Empower Yourself with the Facts on Ovarian Cancer and Advocate for Yourself (September 2021)

Expanding the Role of Pharmacists in Vaccinations and Immune Health (September 2021)

CAR T-cell Immunotherapy Plays Important Role in Hard-to-Treat Lymphoma (September 2021)

How IRICoR is Transforming Research into New Cancer Therapies (September 2021)

How Your Life Changes When Told You Have a Rare Blood Disorder (The Toronto Star, June 2021)

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family Against Rabies (The Toronto Star, April 2021)

Important Research is Saving the Lives of People Living With Epilepsy (The Toronto Star, March 2021)

Partially-Sighted Reporter Speaks to the Community (The Toronto Star, January 2021)

Solving the Challenges of Social Isolation in Older Adults (in Chatelaine, January 2021)

How Digital Access is Improving Health Care (December 2020)

How e-Learning Helps in the Fight Against COVID-19 (Supplement to The Toronto Star, June 2020)

Welcome Employees Back to a Safe and Healthy Workplace (June 2020)

How Ducky Brand Is Helping People with Mental Illness (March 2020)

Innovative Therapies Offer Options to Heart Failure Patients (Supplement to March/April 2020 issue of Chatelaine)

Can Mindfulness Improve Your Digestive Health? (January 2020)

Empowering Communities to be Nutritionally Secure (January 2020)

How Virtual Care Improves Access to Health Care (December 2019)

Ensuring Timely Intervention for BMT Complications (in Maclean’s supplement, October 2019)

Connecting Students to Resources When They Need Help (September 2019)

Digital Transformation is the Future of Health Care (June 2019)

Why Seniors Should Take Advantage of These Vaccines (May 2019)

EHRs Mean Better Healthcare Delivery for Canadians (April 2019)

Pharmacy Technicians are Indispensable in Patient Care (March 2019)

Treatment Gives New Hope for Advanced Prostate Cancer (March 2019)

Innovations in Aging and Dementia: From Ideas to Impact (March 2019)

Precision Oncology: Better Outcomes for Cancer Patients (February 2019)

All SMA patients Need New Treatment Access (February 2019)

Minimally Invasive Procedures Lead to Effective Cancer Care (December 2018) (Supplement on Patient Access and Empowerment – see p. 4)

Innovative Aging and Brain Health (November 2018) (See p. 2)

Effective Communication Key to Patient Safety (September 2018)

Improving the Success of In-Vitro Fertilization (August 2018, Chatelaine supplement)

Restoring Function to People with Neurological Disorders (April 2018) (See p. 3)

People with Epilepsy Enjoying Freedom from Seizures (April 2018) (See p. 4)

Help and Hope for People with Brain Injuries (April 2018) (See p. 5)

Improving Care for Cardiac Patients with Technology (April 2018)

Cancer-Associated Thrombosis: A Critical Gap in Cancer Care (September 2017, Maclean’s supplement) See page 8.

Pet/Animal Health

How to Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy During Winter Lockdown (December 2020)

Ensuring Cows Get the Best Quality Care (April 2019)

Canine Influenza: Everything You Need to Know (June 2018) (See p. 2)

Is Your Pet in Pain (June 2017) (See p. 3)

Financial Services/Fintech

Reverse Mortgages: Is it Time to Give them a Second Look? (Toronto Star, June 2022)

How a Canadian Company is Easing Access to the Carbon Credit Market (National Post, June 2022)

In a Growing Digital Payment Landscape VISA Makes Ecosystem Security a Priority (Toronto Star, March 2022)

How nesto Helps First-Time Home Buyers Enter the Market (March 2022)

Superior Customer Service Sets Zip Apart in the BNPL Space (February 2022)

Farmland Can Be An Investible Asset with Bonnefield Financial (December 2020)

A Good Credit Score Will Serve You for Life (March 2020)

Honeybee Benefits Plans Offer More Choice and Flexibility (Toronto Star – November 2019)

Financial Services and Innovation Need to Be Inclusive (July 2019)

Cheque Your Savings – This Account Does Both (July 2019) (see p. 12)

Modernizing Payments Creates Opportunities (July 2019) (See p. 6)

Your Mind Body and Wallet More Connected Than You Think (Great West Life Supplement, November 2018) (See p. 2)

New Ways to Help Small Businesses Improve Cash Flow (September 2018) (see p. 4)

Save Trees and Money with a Green Impact Investment (June 2018) (see p. 4)

How Canadians Benefit from an All-Digital Bank (June 2018) (see p. 7)

High Value for High Net Worth Canadians in Responsible Investing (September 2017)

Financial Literacy is Key to a Debt-Free Life (September 2017) (see p. 2)

Thinking Capital – Dedicated to Helping Small Businesses Grow (September 2017) (see p. 2)

Dream Payments is Dream Come True for Canadian Businesses (June 2017) (see p. 7)

Education, Entrepreneurship, Careers

Innovative Augmented Reality Marketing Course Offers Brock Students Opportunities (Toronto Star, December 2022)

Ontario Tech Students Benefit From Expanded Programs and Experiential Learning (Toronto Star, December 2022)

Women Are Winning in Camrose, Alberta – Creating a Vibrant and Thriving Community for Women-Owned Businesses (Toronto Star, December 2022)

A Great Product Plus Great Support Help Pizza Pizza Franchise Owners Succeed (Toronto Star, December 2022)

LaSalle College Vancouver Educates the Next Generation of Ethical Fashion Designers (National Post, September 2022)

A Fast Track Way to an In-Demand Cybersecurity Career (National Post, September 2022)

Why a Career Transition to Cybersecurity is Not a Far-Fetched Idea (National Post, September 2022)

Diversifying Talent Pool Key to Solving Cyber Talent Shortage in Canada (National Post, September 2022)

How Women Can Grow and Thrive in Sports Management Careers (Toronto Star, February 2022)

How Polytechnics like NAIT Are Essential For Upskilling Workforce (National Post, March 2022)

How YMCA of Greater Toronto is Helping Ignite the Potential of Youth (National Post, December 2021)

Building Back a Better Canada Will Take Green Industries (September 2021)

Perks Differentiate Companies in a Competitive Marketplace (The Toronto Star, June 2021)

Promoting and Empowering Young Women and Girls in STEM Careers (National Post, March 2021)

Cambrian and Industry Partnership is a Smart Move for Mining (National Post, March 2021)

How Bell Supports Women in Tech (Maclean’s, March 2021)

Preparing Students For Exciting New Careers (December 2020)

How to Ensure a Safe and Flexible Workplace Through a Pandemic (October 2020)

How e-Learning Helps in the Fight Against COVID-19 (Supplement to the Toronto Star, June 2020)

Humber Gaining Momentum as Top Research College (March 2020)

NBIF Brings Competitive Advantage to New Brunswick (March 2020)

How Saskatchewan Polytechnic Helps Industry Solve Problems (March 2020)

The Future for Pharmacy Technicians is at Humber College (March 2020)

The Small Campus with Big Educational Advantages (December 2019, Supplement to The Toronto Star)

Unlimited Opportunities for Laurentian’s STEM Graduates (December 2019, Supplement to The Toronto Star)

Helping Students Achieve Success in the Biotech Industry (December 2019)

Honeybee Benefits Plans Offer More Choice and Flexibility (Toronto Star – November 2019)

Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Heart of New STEM Programs (October 2019)

Horticulture: A Perfect Combination of Skill and Variety (December 2018) (see p. 5)

Ensuring Women in Technology Have a Voice (December 2018)

Guiding and Empowering Girls in Science and Technology (October 2018) (see p. 2)

New Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs (September 2018) (see p. 11)

Exciting Career Opportunities for Women in Web Development (September 2018) (see p. 4)

Plenty of Opportunities for Women in Trades (March 2018) (see p. 5)

Why Mentorship Matters to Your Career (March 2018) (See p.2)

Science, Technology and Innovation

How ERA is Living Its Dual Mission of Environmental Sustainability and Social Purpose (Toronto Star, December 2022)

CIFFA – A Strong Voice for Canada’s Supply Chain (National Post, September 2022)

KPM Power’s Battery Management Systems a Catalyst for Cleantech Innovation (National Post, December 2021)

Optiv Helping Companies of All Sizes Boost Their Cybersecurity (National Post, September 2021)

Low Frequency Vibration Sensors Have a Role in Public Safety (April 2021)

Partnerships: Giving Canada the Innovation Edge (National Post, March 2021)

Improved Cyber Resilience Results From Shared Information (National Post, March 2021)

How a Suburban Office Can Be a Win-Win for Businesses and Employees (National Post, March 2021)

Partnerships Giving Canada the Innovation Edge (National Post, March 2021)

DICE Is Helping Industry Get a Leading Edge with Data (National Post, February 2021)

How Energy Efficiency Reduces Emissions and Saves Money (December 2020)

Whitby, ON: Where Business Innovation and Community Come Together (October 2020)

Why Asynchronous Video is the Way of the Future (October 2020)

The Advantages of Growing and Cooking at Home (July 2020)

AMI Working to Make Media Content More Inclusive (March 2020)

How To Green Your Home and Planet with an Indoor Garden (March 2020)

Cross Sector Collaboration Aims for UN’s Access To Safe Water and Sanitation by 2030 (March 2020)

Humber Gaining Momentum as top Research College (March 2020)

NBIF Brings Competitive Advantage to New Brunswick (March 2020)

How Saskatchewan Polytechnic Helps Industry Solve Problems (March 2020)

Trees: More than Just Pretty to Look At (National Post, September 2019)

Digital Transformation is the Future of Health Care (June 2019)

An Innovative Future Focused Approach to Health Care (June 2019)

Improving Media Access for the Blind and Partially Sighted (Advertisement – January 2019)

How a Weather Company is Transforming into a Technology Disruptor (December 2018) (see p.3)

Has Your Cybersecurity Footprint Found its True North? (September 2018) (see p. 3)

Ingenium: Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation Celebrate Women In Science and Technology (Sept. 2018) (see p. 5)

Driving Performance for P3 Transportation Projects (September 2018) (see p. 5)

New Balance: Leading the Way to Retail Innovation (June 2018) (see p. 7)

AquaHacking: A Modern Approach to Solving Freshwater Challenges (June 2018) (p. 2)

Social Innovation Needs You, and You, and You (June 2017) (see p. 4)

How a Circus Act is Transforming the Corporate Retreat Experience (June 2017) (see p. 8)


How Good Soil Health Can Improve Crop Yield and Reduce Carbon Emissions (National Post, December 2022)

How Advanced Technology Plays a Role in Modern Farming (December 2021)

Alberta Innovates is Advancing the Transformation of Agriculture through Smart Technology (National Post, December 2021)

How This Ontario Beef Farmer Is Improving Biodiversity (National Post, May 2021)

Greenbelt Farmers Are Helping Address Climate Change (December 2020)

What is Gene Edited Food and Why Should Canadians Care? (December 2020)

How Canadian Fertilizer is Feeding the World (October 2020)

How Indigenous Communities Are Ensuring Food Security (October 2020)

How an Ontario Apple Farmer Stays Ahead of the Curve (December 2018) (see p. 3)

Collaboration and Innovation Help Farmers Prosper (July 2018) (see p. 3)

Travel and Hospitality

How to Enjoy Fresh Local Food All Summer Long (July 2020)

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Loyalty Rewards Program (December 2019)

Discovering the Best of the Wild in the BC Rockies (June 2019) 

Getting the Most Out of Your Rewards (December 2018)


Why Every Birthday is Special (1-800 Flowers)

2022 Wedding Trends (1-800 Flowers)

How to Write and Deliver a Wedding Toast (1-800 Flowers)