Here’s a sampling of my published content marketing work by niche:

Financial Services

Health and Wellness

Education, Entrepreneurship, Careers

Science, Technology, Innovation

Engineering and Construction


Travel and Hospitality


Other Work


Here’s a sampling of several long-form articles I contributed to CMA Management (now known as CPA Management), a magazine for financial accounting professionals:

Accounting for Knowledge 

Employee Development in a Changing Organization

Disciplined Vision

Culture Change and Organic Growth: Overcoming Barriers to Organizational Learning

Remote Access

Advocis’ Forum magazine is a monthly publication geared to financial advising professionals, to which I contributed numerous articles and book reviews, including the following:

The Changing Face of Advice

Making the List 

Investing With a Conscience

Tax Smarts

Academic (Peer Reviewed)

While the majority of my published work is in journalism or content marketing format, I have also contributed to the academic literature on environmental sustainability through these two peer-reviewed books. Both projects were led by colleagues at Athabasca University’s Centre for Innovative Management.

Energy Management and the Environment: Challenges and the Future

I’m proud and honoured to have contributed a chapter entitled “Energy Conservation: The Interim Solution?” to this e-book which features contributions from sustainability experts across Canada. My chapter can be found starting on page 169.

Emerging Dimensions of Environmental Sustainability: A Canadian Perspective of Innovative Practices

I also contributed a chapter to this book on innovative practices that drive environmental sustainability. My chapter “Environmental Sustainability Through Human Intellectual Capital” starts on page I.59.