• Technical Proposal Writing

Need a business writer to help you with

  • assembling a complex technical proposal? 

  • telling your brand story?

  • writing a corporate social responsibility report?

Then you’ve come to the right place. My name is Anne Papmehl and I’m a freelance business writer based in London, Ontario, Canada. Through my company, Ecostrat Communications, I help clients with all of the above business communications services and more.

Simply put, I’m a writer who can write for the timesthe times when you need your communications to be technical, formal and authoritative … but also for the times when you need them to be more friendly, informal and engaging. 

If these sound like two polar opposite styles to you, you’re right. I thrive on working in both the technical and creative spheres – though not necessarily at the same time! Strangely enough, I find these skills to be complementary: my storytelling skills help to add colour and interest to reports and proposals I prepare, while my report and technical writing skills help lend credibility to my content marketing writing.

I write in diverse media and formats – print, digital, newspaper, magazine, article, blog, brochure, report and technical proposal. As for topics, I can write about virtually anything, but here are the ones I write on most frequently: energy, environment (corporate social responsibility), financial services, financial technology (fintech), health care, high tech, careers and entrepreneurship.

My clients include:

  • private and public sector organizations
  • consultancies
  • communications and custom publications firms
  • non-profits
ecostrat ... the name

People often ask me about my company name. "Eco" refers to both "economy" and "ecology". This reflects
my personal belief that a prosperous economy and healthy, sustainable ecological systems go hand in hand - 
as opposed to one at the expense of the other. The "strat" stands for strategic, as in aligning with the strategic
communications goals of my clients. Or to put it in a more linear way:


I originally established my business as a niche area - specializing in environmental sustainability and corporate
social responsibility communications - something I still do. But over the years I've developed a broader suite of 
communications skills and services that allow me to be both a generalist and a specialist - if that makes any