Let me introduce myself…

As a former language and literature student, it seems fitting that I chose writing as a career. Putting words together into an informative, engaging, and readable whole is an activity I never seem to tire from.

Over my 23+ years as a professional freelance writer, I’ve developed the ability to write in a range of styles – from journalism to business formal, to conversational and everything in between. I enjoy the challenges of working on complex technical proposals with multiple moving parts as much as I do using my creative abilities to write compelling blog posts, content marketing articles, and web copy.

Award Winning Journalist and Peer Reviewed Author

In my previous writing life as a business journalist, I wrote for The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, CMA Management, Advocis’ Forum, Investor’s Digest, and Benefits Canada. In 2003, I was the proud recipient of a journalism award for an article I wrote on socially responsible investment funds. During this period, I also had one foot in the academic world, contributing chapters to two peer-reviewed books published by Athabasca University’s Centre for Innovative Management: Emerging Dimensions in Environmental Sustainability and Energy and the Environment: Challenges and the Future.

Over the past 16 years I’ve acquired expertise as a proposal specialist, managing Proposal (RFP) submissions from start to end. More recently, I’ve branched into content marketing and copywriting (digital and print), on just about any topic you care to mention. Of course, I do have some niche areas as well which you can learn more about by visiting my Portfolio page. From time to time you may spot some of my content marketing work in The National Post, the Toronto Star, Maclean’s, or Chatelaine.

My Company Name

ecostrat … the name

People often ask me about my company name. “Eco” refers to both “economy” and “ecology”. This reflects my personal belief that a prosperous economy and healthy, sustainable ecological systems go hand in hand – as opposed to one at the expense of the other. The “strat” stands for strategic, as in aligning with the strategic communications goals of my clients. Or to put it in a more linear way:


I started in a niche area – environmental sustainability communications – something I still do. But over the years, I’ve gone on to develop a broader suite of topics like finance, healthcare, engineering and HR. Since sustainability intersects with many of them, I’ve opted to keep the name. Plus, I can’t be bothered to change it!